School Culture Is the Responsibility of All of Us



I recently read an article about a school.  It was negative and very damning of some of the educators in the building.  The article outlines several negative instances that allegedly occurred in the school during the year.   I will not discuss the details of the article because it really isn’t important to my point – positive school culture.

Ask the experts on school culture and they will tell you it is the responsibility of the schools leaders to create a positive culture.  The  happiness of the teachers, students, and families are all  predicated on the tone set by school leaders.  While this is very true, I would like to add another consideration — the community. How do we speak about our schools?  How do we speak about the educators in the building? How do we describe the students who attend the school?  Our words matter.  Our intentions matter.  Even those persons on the outside of the school building can have a powerful effect on the culture inside the building without ever entering it.  Therefore, it is critical that uplift our schools while continuing to work on any issues.

Intentions can be good or bad. Personally, I believe most people wake each morning having the intention to do good things and send positive vibes into the world.  So as we go about our summer, let’s reflect on the positive aspects of schools.  Let’s speak positively about them and support the educators that work in them.  They are working each and everyday to create a positive experience for children. Let’s join them!


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